2023 LAN Staff, Salary & Budget Survey

The Legislative Action Committee from LAN presents to you a summary of the 2023 Staff, Salary and Budget Survey.

Legislative Update ’23

This letter is a response from the Legislative Action Committee about the change passed for district instructors and possible things to consider.

LAN Promotional Flyer

Download this flyer to help promote the benefits of becoming a LAN member!

WebChat with MDE – Nov. 1st, 2023

  Topics will include: Statewide performance/federal reports New Assessments for NRS Purposes Contact hour comparisons (2023 v 2022 for May–September) Grants and Finance WIOA Plans…

WebChat with MDE – July 12th, 2023

Topics will include: · August reporting submission · State aid calculation and service disruption · Training costs and federal funding · Staff training policy · NRS Testing

SI Concurrent Session Schedule

It’s officially here! Click here to view the concurrent session schedule.