Membership & Marketing

About the Committee

The Membership and Marketing Committee organizes Literacy Action Network’s membership drives and helps to raise awareness about LAN objectives and successes through events and social media. We also work on special projects like the I’mPossible GED campaign and the LAN Outreach Toolkit to promote LAN and ABE across the state of MN.

Number of Meetings: 4+ (quarterly)

Hours of Commitment: 5-6 hours annually for committee members

Next Meeting Date

There are currently no upcoming meetings or events scheduled
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Cara Berger

Membership and Marketing Chair

Marketing Materials


Posters that teachers and/or programs can print to celebrate student success stories.

I’m Possible Marketing Toolkit

To support and market your ABE programming use these marketing materials to generate and create awareness for your ABE classes.

Outreach Toolkit

The outreach toolkit materials were created by the Literacy Action Network to help ABE programs across Minnesota evaluate and expand their marketing and outreach to potential participants.

Internal Resource

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