2020 Adult Basic Education Impact Report 

MN ABE is a flexible and adaptive system that is continually evolving to address the rapidly changing environment for skilled labor, economic improvement and literacy.  The statewide program provides education and literacy programs throughout MN for adults without a high school diploma or who are no longer eligible for high school to participate effectively as productive workers and as citizens.  Invest in MN ABE programs to meet the critical economic and workforce challenges in the near future.

LAN recently completed a brief report summarizing the many creative ways in which Minnesota ABE has adapted service delivery during COVID. Included in Adult Education Pandemic Response are a list of specific innovations, a summary of what we collectively learned, and first-person stories from Minnesota adult educators. This two-page report is a supplement to the ABE Impact Report, which covers all aspects of ABE in Minnesota. 

You can access the Pandemic Response report HERE.

You can access the full ABE Impact Report HERE.