The Volunteer Engagement Committee is primarily made up of ABE staff that manages volunteers. The goal of the committee is to:

  • Track current trends, issues and needs in the field of adult literacy volunteer coordination.
  • Create and disseminate information that will strengthen volunteerism in the adult literacy field.
  • Provide useful resources and support that allow ABE practitioners to sustain and use volunteers effectively with adult learners.

The Volunteer Engagement Committee is always looking for more people to join their committee. If you are interested, please consider joining us.  You can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Become a member and attend monthly meetings.
  • Work on volunteer engagement projects.
  • E-mail the committee to suggest new projects, share materials, and identify priority issues.

Reasons to join the Volunteer Engagement Committee:

  • Opportunity to help determine project direction to reflect needs and issues of using volunteers in the adult literacy field.
  • Be one of the first to use new project material.
  • Gain insight and support in volunteer management.
  • Receive minutes from monthly meetings.

Recent Projects/resources compiled:

  • Community Advocacy Toolkit for Volunteers in Adult Basic Education, an interactive, fillable PDF, allowing you to complete the workbook activities on your computer.
  • Volunteer Recruitment Video: this 5-minute video is perfect for use by any MN ABE volunteer program. Use it to help spread the word about volunteer opportunities at your program. It features five volunteers from diverse backgrounds who share what volunteering means to them.
  • Maximizing Volunteers in the Classroom. Teachers, this video offers ideas on how volunteers can lighten your load, and how you can build relationships to keep them eager to return.  The setting is a math class, but the ideas pertain to all topics. Video length:  12 minutes.
  • Creating an Engaging Math Class, This video features a volunteer, teaching student-centered math lessons to adult English language learners.  The volunteer uses creative ideas and adapts her teaching style to meet the needs of the varying levels of the students.  This video can be used with volunteer coordinators, teachers and volunteers. Video length: 7 minutes
  • Resources for Working with Volunteers
  • Focus Group Results


Matthew Miller, Committee Co-chair