2019 Award Winners

ABE Teacher of the Year

Terri Ferris

This award is presented to a teacher in an ABE program to recognize outstanding performance as a teacher.

Outstanding Learner Award

Thomas Keeler

Northwest Service Co-op, Bemidji ABE

Given to a learner who has made a significant impact on adult literacy and has a powerful commitment to volunteer and lead peers.

ABE Leadership Award

Jessica Jones

Arlington Hills/Minnesota Literacy Council

This award is presented to an individual in the ABE field who demonstrates exemplary leadership, flexibility, or creativity in their ABE program.

ABE Service and Achievment Award

Stephanie Sommers

Minneapolis ABE

This award is presented to an ABE professional who has dedicated at least 10 years to the field and whose service has made a significant impact to their program, their region or the state.

Adult Academic Program International Fashion Show

John Trerotola, Tim Woodbury, Julie Kleve

Adult Academic Program/Robbinsdale Area Schools

AAP students wear their traditional clothes and share their culture with school staff and fellow classmates.  The project has proven to enhance school community, improve participants’ English skills, promote strong leadership skills and contributes to the pride and camaraderie students have for their home country and their school.

Empowering Parents, Educating Families

Ebyan Adulle

Minnesota Literacy Council

The culturally-relevant curriculum of Empowering Parents, Educating Families builds parents’ knowledge about their rights and responsibilities regarding their children’s education, and equips them with skills to advocate for themselves, their children and their communities in the realm of P-12 education.


Erin Cary, Kristin Klas, Jamie Kreil

Lyndale Education Center

This group of dedicated ABE professionals has ignited enthusiasm among ABE students and teachers through their work in creating curriculum that amplifies students’ voices, presenting at statewide conferences, leading professional development initiatives around the state and activating ABE students and teachers in the #IamABE Lobby Day.  To find out more information about their work, see their website.