2022 Virtual ABE Summer Institute - Presenters

Poster Sessions - click HERE for more information!

Presenter Guidance:

  • Training will be offered on presenting virtually, and practice sessions will be made available prior to the conference  

  • All sessions will be 45 minutes in length

  • Sessions will be presented using the Zoom platform with tech support and a room host

  • Sessions will be recorded

  • Available tools will be break-out rooms, chat, white board, interactive polling, tech support, room host

Presenter Resources:

  • Online Meetings: Best Practices – This short guide provides a framework for conducting effective online meetings and presentations, including considerations for before, during, and after the meeting; tools for planning and hosting; tech tips for screen sharing; and a Zoom tech troubleshooting tool.
  • Screen Sharing Guide (for Zoom) – Recommendations and troubleshooting for sharing your screen, projecting presentation slides, and navigating Zoom while presenting.

  • The ABE Presenter Handbook is full of helpful tips for planning and delivering your presentation. It’s a great starting place for both new and experienced presenters. 
  • The interactive Presenter Mini-Tutorial only takes about 10 minutes and is a fun way to jumpstart your planning. 
  • How to put together a Poster Session
  • Universal Design for Presenting Tip Sheet
  • Guidelines for finding images – Are you certain the images in your PowerPoint are not subject to copyright? Hint: Doing a Google search is NOT the way to find usable images! These guidelines will help you determine which images are usable and where you can find them.