2014 Program Book and Session Break-out Schedule

For a complete description of the conference and break out sessions check out the 2014 Summer Institute Program Book!

Wednesday - 2:15-3:45
Rachel Johnson -  So, How are You Managing Your Life?  Occupational Techniques in the ESL Classroom
Brad Hasskamp - Transitioning from Confusion to Effective Practice:  Analyzing ABE Transitions Program Models
Julie Kleve - Elder Care Employment and Civics Education Program: A Creative Transition-to-Work Curriculum
Patsy Vinogradov - ACES 101: What’s All the Buzz About?
Pat Weiseler  - Introduction to  GED 2014
Eric Nesheim - The ABC's of Library and Literacy Partnerships
Shari Johnson - Exploring the Adult College Completion Tool Kit
Amy Vickers  - Rectangles as Problem-Solving Tools:  Use Area Models to Teach Math Concepts at All Levels
Brandon John -  “Discover the New Features of i-Pathways and the Pre-GED Content.”
Marty Olsen - CASAS Implementation Training, Part 1 (The Assessment Process)
Erin Cary - Chart Your Course: Integrating Numeracy into ELL
Sarah Hoggard - Bridging the Gap with Distance Learning: A Beginner’s Perspective
Lori Leininger - Who's in the Driver's Seat? Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies in the ABE Classroom
Rosemarie Park - Women Immigrants from the Horn of Africa on their Experiences Learning with Computers in Language and Job Programs
Craig Boykin - Motivating the Unmotivated

Wednesday - 4:00-5:30      
Tim Leverentz - Using iPads to Support Low-Level Literacy Students
Teresa Ortiz - Developing and Teaching a Civics and Employment class for ABE English Language Learners
Jim Colwell - Nuts and Bolts Issues Surrounding GED® 2014 in MN
Brad Hasskamp - A New State Adult Diploma:  Creating a Third Pathway for an Adult Secondary Credential
Jamie Kreil-Bajurny - In-House Volunteering as Workforce Preparation
John Ashby - Overcoming Learner Writing Anxiety
Mag Patridge - Industry-Asked-For Credentials That ABE Can Teach!
Jenne Nelson - Math Matters
James Albee - "Function"al Math - relating different ways to present functions
Tom Cytron-Hysom - Digital Literacy Squared: Northstar Evolves to Meet ABE Needs
Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt - Socrative.com for Peer Instruction - A Technique for Deeper Learning and Higher Engagement
Marty Olsen - CASAS Implementation Training – Part 2 (Tools to Enhance Instruction)
Pat Thomas - A New Way to Climb:  Utilizing Online Content and Independent Learning to Get Students Moving Along the Healthcare Career Pathway
Beth Peterson - Women Working: Applying the Gender Lens to Workforce Development Programming.
Clarice Esslinger - Understanding Non-Literate Cultures and Integrating Transition Skills for Beginning Learners

Thursday - 10:30-12:00
David Haugen - Advocating for ABE Learners with Disabilities:  A How-to Approach in Applying for Accommodations and Protecting the Rights of Learners
Kelly Foltmer - Technology as a Tool to Make Classroom Life Easier and Better
Brenda Anfinson - Google Drive Projects for the ELL Classroom
Russell Fraenkel - Transitioning to Transitions Effectiveness - NW Minnesota Style!
Shane R Mueller - Collegial Cooperation: Creating a Successful FastTRAC Partnership
Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt - Skills Tutor New & Refresher Teacher Training
Rosemary Sharkey - ACES, TIF-ing, and Small Programs
Stephanie Sommers - Acing Critical Thinking Skills with Low Level ESL Learners
Burgen Young - A Class that Practically Teaches Itself
Jennifer Weaverling - Hot Topics in Distance Learning and Technology Integration
Astrid Liden - What are the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), and Why Should I Care ?
Nikki Carson-Padilla - Do They Really Get It?  Adding Meaning to the Math
Margaret (Marn) Frank - Tiered Sentence Combining, an Integrated Reading/Writing Resource
Terri Ferris - Charting a Course Toward Higher Science and Social Studies GED Scores
Mary Conley - Updates from the GED Testing Service on the GED 2014 Program, Website and Program Tools

Thursday - 2:15-3:45
Julie Dincau - Building the Plane as We Fly:  Transitions in ABE
Charles LaRue - Creating the Best Free Hybrid Distance Learning Class
Emily Watts - GED Jumpstart:  A Collaborative Project with the Anoka County Workforce Center
Dodi McAllister - Career Success:  Developing Literacy and Soft Skills for Manufacturing Industry Workers
Brad Hasskamp - My Toolkit’s Full, Now What? Using Data in the Local ABE Class and Program
Rachel Johnson - Trauma-Informed Care: Empowering Students to Excel by Meeting Their Needs Holistically
Lia Conklin Olson - The Bachelor(ette) ACES Style!  Scope Out 20; Take Home 2!
Kristine Kelly - Big Thinking!
Tim O'Brien - An Open Discussion on Non-credit Alternative Vocational Career Pathways: Next Step Goodwill-Easter Seals Bridging Program
Rebecca Strom - Number Lines!  A Hands-On Workshop for Using Number Lines From Arithmetic to Algebra.
Stephanie Sommers - Acing Critical Thinking Skills with Low Level ESL Learners
Jenne Nelson - Nearpod: Learn How to Use This Free, Interactive App in a Workshop Setting!
Ann Beeson, M.Ed. - Reviewing Internet-Based Software for GED Preparation
Kirsten Fuglseth - Engaging Adult Learners in Science
Mary Conley - Updates from the GED Testing Service on the GED 2014 Program, Website and Program Tools

Friday - 9:15-10:45
Elizabeth Dickinson - From Stress to Success
Julie Dincau - Minnesota Adult Basic Education and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
Lorie Grunzke - The Magic Drawing Board
Jenifer B Vanek - Online Distance Learning for Adult ESL Learners: Promising Instructional Practice
Sarah Larson - MNI, ACES and Integrating Technology: It Can All Come Together
Erin Tollefsrud - Fast Forward: From Everyday to Academic Writing
Elizabeth (Ibby) Gilmore - Sharing Successful Lessons for Upper-Level Math
Luke Weisberg Friday - Linking ABE to Sector Strategies
Jayne Schultz - GED 2014 Preparation-Deeper Dive
Ann Beeson, M.Ed.  - Reviewing Internet-Based Software for GED Preparation
Marty Olsen - TABE Implementation Training
Amy Vickers - Manager Panel:  Adventures in Transitioning to the 2014 GED Test

Friday - 11:00-11:45      
Patricia Soydanser - Training the Mind to Think
Abbi Bennett - Teaching Numeracy to English Language Learners
Jenna Cushing-Leubner - Leveraging Native Languages for English Language Learning
Jason Brazier - Mastering Magic Markers: Helping Teachers Become Better Visual Presenters
Charles LaRue - Study for the US Citizenship Web Site
Beth Staat- Information Literacy with the Electronic Library for Minnesota
Claire Hayes - Reading for Meaning—Fluently
Kira Dahlk - Career & Future Planning for ABE Students