ABE Service and Achievement Award:  Dr. Barry Shaffer

Given to an ABE professional who has dedicated at least 10 years to the field and whose service has made a significant impact on their program, their region or the state.

ABE Leadership Award:  Linda Keller

Given to an individual in the ABE field who demonstrates exemplary leadership, flexibility, or creativity in his/her ABE program.

ABE Outstanding Learner of the Year:  Daniel Hernandez

The outstanding learner from the state of Minnesota.

ABE Outstanding Teacher of the Year:  Jill Loegering

Given to a teacher in an ABE program to recognize outstanding performance as a teacher.

ABE Advocate of the Year:  Laura Prettyman

Given to an individual or groups work in promoting and advocating for adult literacy and adult literacy learners.

ABE Partnership of the Year:  Arlington Hills Lutheran Church

Given to a business, nonprofit organization, social service agency, foundation, etc. who has provided ABE with significant assistance in serving learners or our communities.