PONI Award - ABE Projects of Need and Innovation

Each year Literacy Action Network honors teachers, students, managers, advocates, programs and projects working and succeeding in Adult Basic Education. At this year's virtual ABE Summer Institute we will be exclusively recognizing PONI awards. The PONI award shines a light on Projects of Need and Innovation. During this unprecedented time, we are sure there are many projects worth recognition. Please consider applying to be recognized for the innovative projects you have completed this year. Applications will be accepted until June 30th, 2020

If chosen to receive a PONI award, you will be asked to create a short 3-5 minute video of your project.  They will be highlighted during the Summer Institute Virtual Conference, and posted afterwards on the LAN website.

Award Application Form

In order to recognize as many projects of need and innovation, all projects meeting 80% of the criteria will receive a PONI award.

Criteria for PONI Award

  1. Provide evidence of cooperation and teamwork among people, agencies, institutions and/or organizations leading to improved student participation, persistence or achievement.
  2. Give examples of effective and efficient use of available resources, including people, facilities, and funding leading to improved student participation, persistence, or achievement. 
  3. Describe achievements of a program, team, or person which illustrate innovative programming or efforts that resulted in significant student achievement or success. 
  4. How is the local or regional community better because of this ABE project?  How has the project had an impact on ABE statewide?