2016 SI Program Book

Keynote speaker artwork done by Lisa Troutman

PowerPoint slides from Thursday's and Friday's general sessions:

LAN Annual Summer Meeting

ABE Update (Todd Wagner)

PONI Award - The Memory Quilt Project

          Memory Quilt Handout

WIOA Update (Jeremy Hanson Willis)


Wednesday (Concurrent Sessions #1 and #2)

Implementing Plato Courseware from Edmentum in Your Center

CCRS Writing Anchors: Part 1

CCRS Writing Anchors: Part 2

State of GED: What is New for GED Administrators and ABE Coordinators

The Elephant in the Room: Mental Illness in the ESL Classroom

Introduction to MN ABE Content Standards:  Slides, Handout 1, Handout 2

Using Course Portfolios to Boost Attendance and Build Self-Management Skills: PowerpointHandout 0, Handout 1, Handout 2,  Handout 3, Interrview Do's and Dont's, Job Search websites, Mock Interview,  Application Info Form, Job Portfolio cover sheet, Informational Interview, Informational Interview Questions

Y=mx+wheeeeee! - Linear Equations

Changing Perceptions, Shaping Reality: Career planning for Adult Students Battling Poverty  Powerpoint

T.E.A.M.= Together Everyone Achieves More!

All-STAR Reunion at Summer Institute

Computer Science- Why It's Important!

A Partnership that Works: MN State Colleges and ABE

Learning Express Library for Test Prep, Skill Improvment, and Career Assistance

Breaking Up with Skills Tutor is Hard to Do  Powerpoint

TABE Implementation Training

Utilizing the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum

Advice on Advising!

CCRS Math: Coherence in the Classroom

Building a Continuum Between Reading and Writing  Powerpoint, Handout

Making Grammar FUNctional

Integrating Formative Assessment into the ESL Classroom

Darwin Meets ABE

Victims Amoung Us: Understand Key Warning signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Shared Meaning

Adult Career Pathways- Not Just a Buzzword

Let's Go on a WebQuest!

Discovering BurlingtonEnglish

From Pilot to Statewide Implementation: The Standard Adult High School Diploma


Thursday (Concurrent Sessions #3 and #4)

Implementing Plato Courseware from Edmentum in Your Center

One Room, Many Needs  Slides, Handout, Expectations Fill-In, GED Test Fill-In, New Student Handbook

The Future of ABE is in Your Hands

Sneaking up on Algebra: Building Core Skills in Algebraic Reasoning

CASAS Implementation Training: Part 1

CASAS Implementation Training: Part 2 (Tools to Enhance Instruction)

From PLC's  to Classrooms: Leading ACES TIF Implementaion in Your Program   Powerpoint

What does Racial Equity Man in My Program and My Classroom?

Workforce Development in a World of WIOA

Information Literacy: Bringing Literacy Online  Powerpoint

Building Connections: Pronunciation for School and the Workplace

Career Training in the Healthcare Field  Powerpoint

Listening to the Story and Putting Together the Pieces

Introduction to the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) Version for ABE

Discovering BurlingtonEnglish

Number Sense in the Beginning ESL Classroom: Yes You CAN Powerpoint

GED: Bet Practices in Instruction

Using ACES to Plan, Implement, and Evaluate Transitions - Minded Instruction

CCR Standards in Reading A through E!

Communication Styles

The Elephant in the Room: Mental Illness in the ESL Classroom

Reaching into Rigor: A Look at Area

Order of Operations? Sometimes, Always or Never...

Hands-on Phonics Activities for Adult Emergent Readers

Managing Mayhem- A Roundtable Discussion!

Integrating Career-Focused Basic Skills Lessons into ABE Curriculum in a Corrections Setting Using TIF  Powerpoint

Learning Express Library

Working with WIOA Powerpoint, Minnesota's Local Employment and Training System


Friday (Concurrent Sessions #5 and #6)


Implementing Standards-Based Education in MN ABE:  Slides, Handout, Activity Submission Template, Sample Activity Submission, Guide for PLC Goal-Setting Meetings, Text Analysis Guide, Implementing Standards in the DOC

Congratulations! You're Getting engaGED! (With the Text!)

Before the RLA Essay...

Integrating Problem Solving & Technology Into Instruction

Ask GED Anything!

Teaching Vocabulary to English Learners

Y=mX+wheeeeee! - Linear Equations

The Power of Suggestion

Implementing Standard-Based Education in Minnesota ABE

Where Did That Formula Come From?

Keeping it Real: Integrating Career-Focused Lessons into ABE Curriculum

Set Up for Success: Improve Your Volunteer Onboarding Process

Pronunciation Made Easy

Get Up Offa That Thing!  ResourcesHandout, Game

Discovering BurlingtonEnglish

Student Engagement

At the Intersection of Matth and Language

The Reality of ABE College Partnership

Literacy Tutors: An Integral Part of the Volunteer Program

Creating Teaching Internships

Numeracy Film Festival

Learning Karen to Teach Base 10

5 1/2 Tips for Delivering Great Workshop Presentations

Adult ESL: Effective Materials and Techniques

A Win-Win for ESL/ABE Programs and Minnesota Communities