Are you new to the world of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and need some assistance in understanding how it all fits together, what your role is, and where you can find helpful resources and additional information? Or perhaps you simply need a refresher on some basics? If so, you are in the right place!

ATLAS and Literacy Action Network have combined forces to offer professional development and resources to help you build your foundational knowledge of ABE.

Below you will find information on face-to-face workshops and the ABE Foundations online course hosted by ATLAS.

ABE Foundations - Summer Institute Pre-conference Worshop
This seven hour workshop is offered yearly as a pre-conference session at the ABE Summer Institute Conference held every August in St. Cloud, MN.

ABE Foundations - Online Course
This free online Schoology course provides an introduction to the world of Adult Basic Education. Participants can complete the entire course or access specific topics for a refresher.

ABE Foundations Handbook
This is a resource of materials that are referenced in all ABE Foundations trainings.

ABE Foundations -  Webinars
This is a series of four 1.5 hour webinar trainings that were offered between October 2017 and March 2018.  

ABE Foundations -  SPARC (Support Professional Advisory Resource Committee) Training
This 3 hour ABE Foundations training is tailored to the specific needs of support professionals and is offered yearly at the SPARC Conference.